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Polyurethane Wheel, Roller, Pulley(HF017)

Polyurethane Wheel, Roller, Pulley(HF017)
Shanghai Xita, roller, wheel, pulley manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Polyurethane Wheel, Roller, and so on.
Product Details:

XITAI is one of the reliable polyurethane wheel, roller, pulley(hf017) manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to make contact with our factory and order our custom polyurethane parts and urethane products online.

Shanghai Xitai factory has focused on top quality polyurethane parts and urethane products for over 20 years in China. We started as a small operation, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in the polyurethane industry in China. Today, Xitai’s polyurethane wheels, rollers and custom parts have clients over the world.

Product Detail

Material: Polyurethane 

Dimension: according to clients' requirements (drawings or samples)

Character: hard, steady and durable

Package: according to clients' requirements


Polyurethane wheels: Iron core polyurethane wheels, Aluminum core polyurethane wheels, Solid polyurethane wheels, Polyurethane drive wheels, Polyurethane idler wheels, etc.

Polyurethane rollers: Polyurethane drive rollers, Polyurethane idler rollers, U-groove& V-groove rollers, etc.

Polyurethane casting proucts: polyurethane pads, polyurethane couplings, polyurethane seals, ctc.

If you want to ask more information or send your drawings to check the cost about polyurethane parts, such as urethane pads, polyurethane sheets, urethane springs, etc, please contact our sales manager:

Ms. April Xiao

Shanghai Xitai International Trade Co., Ltd

NO. 518 Xinbo Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, 

201606, China

Email: april@shanghaixitai.com

TEL: 86-21-57876015

MBL: 86-15821445695

WEB: www.polyurethane-wheel.com 

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