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Cardin has special requirements for wheel hub
Aug 08, 2016

1, is a go-kart racing. It's powered by the current international rules can only be a small gasoline engine or electric motor, using diesel or other types of power plant does not belong to the category of karting.

2, the total height from the ground (without headrest) is less than 650mm, two front guide, two rear-wheel drive, no differential device, four persistent contact with the ground, which is the basic structural features of karting. The total height of more than 650mm from the ground "high Truck" and the guide, drive, differential gear device does not meet the definition of a go-kart go-kart is not.

3, by a person driving a single-seat "is the basic characteristic go-kart. Children ride in the park two cars, two rows of cars are not go-kart.