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Has a lot of wheels is called the
Aug 08, 2016

Rim known as the hub, Hong Kong and Taiwan, is known as a bell. Upgrade car wheels most commonly used method is to switch to aluminum wheels, or the use of enlarged wheels to improve vehicle performance and appearance. Car wheels from the material to the main points into steel wheels and alloy wheels (Alloy wheel), the most popular market in the conversion of the rim of course alloy wheels, alloy wheels are divided into cast molding and forging molding two kinds. Different manufacturing methods, the rim is divided into casting (Casting) and forging (Forged) two categories. Casting is divided into gravity casting (Gravity Casting) and low-pressure casting (Low Pressure Casting) two kinds. Gravity casting alloy liquid is poured into the mold where cooling molding, due to the manufacturing process is simple, durable molds, become the lowest-cost manufacturing methods. Manufacture low pressure is less pressure to push into the liquid alloy in the mold, so that the distribution of the average molecule, less sand hole shape can be more complex and sophisticated.