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Hub generally what kind of material will be relatively good
Aug 08, 2016

Car wheel bearings are used in pairs over most single row tapered roller or ball bearings. With the development of technology, cars have been widely used car hub units. The growing scope and use of the hub bearing unit has been developed to the third generation: the first generation is a double row angular contact bearing components. The second generation of the outer raceway for a bearing retainer flange may simply be fixed to the bearing housing with the nut on the axle. It makes car maintenance becomes easy. The third generation hub bearing unit is the use of anti-lock brake unit and bearing systems compatible. Wheel hub unit designed with inner flange and outer flange, the inner flange is bolted to the drive shaft, the entire outer flange bearings mounted together. Ordinary cars hub in appearance to consider less, good heat dissipation is a fundamental requirement, the basic use craft paint handling, that is, first spray and then roasted, cost more economical and the colors are beautiful, long hold time, even if the vehicle is scrapped hub color remains unchanged. Many popular models are the hub surface paint treatment process, such as Santana 2000, Xia Lijun elegant, proud era, lioncel or Honda Odyssey. Some stylish, vibrant color wheel also use baking technology. Such hub affordable, complete specifications. Good cars, electric cars, electric vehicles, electric tricycle, aluminum alloy (A356);

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