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How to adjust the hardness of polyurethane wheel
Aug 19, 2016

Generally speaking, most of the polyurethane wheels are casting wheels, the hardness of the polyurethane wheels is set from the raw material formula. If want to increase the hardness of the polyurethane wheel, can consider adding superfine powder and etc filler , but the adding quantity is limited, otherwise the strong viscosity will make it hard to elimilate the bubble. At the same time, the hardness increasing is limited, at most 1 ~ 2 degrees, meantime the transparency of the polyrethane wheel will reduce. On the contrary, if want to reduce the hardness of the polyurethane wheel, can consider adding plasticizer, such as DMEP. While the hardness of the polyurethane reduces, the curing time prolonges, and the product performance will decline. So the best solution is customizing suitable hardness of the raw material from the supplier. Beacause all the other solutions which can increase or reduce the hardness of the polyurethane will be at the cost of product performance. 

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