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Wheel plays a vital role
Aug 08, 2016

Technological Progress and the corresponding far-reaching institutional changes to promote the use of the wheel accompanied by the line. Population growth of certain villages to develop new grounds of religious dignitaries and military leaders and administrative heads of the subsequent domination of the city. It appears the city was made possible due to the growth of agricultural productivity. Agricultural productivity growth has been the food surplus that can support the new generation of priesthood, soldiers and officials. This development process is not sudden or unilateral. There are a lot of people to debate: whether it is technological change decided institutional changes, technological change or institutional change decisions? This is reminiscent of the debate on human evolution an early stage: whether to have a human brain, and then to create a human culture, including language and tool making? We have agreed that the former and the latter interaction, language and tools manufacturing is the reason for the development of the brain, the result is brain development.