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Wheel Products squeeze casting
Aug 08, 2016

It is in need of professional manufacturer manufactured, steel wheel manufacturers are constantly innovation of our products, good quality hub in order to have high-quality wheels, its main mode of production is kind of how. Let's simply look.

Squeeze casting, also known as liquid metal forging, casting and forging is a set of characteristics in one of the new process, which is the amount of liquid metal is poured directly into the open metal type, a certain pressure by the punch on the liquid metal to make the filling, forming and solidification, and a certain amount of plastic deformation during the crystallization process. Squeeze Casting filling smooth, no turbulence and does not include gas volumes, direct metal solidification under pressure, so no casting porosity, shrinkage and shrinkage and other casting defects, and dense, grain refinement, mechanical properties higher than the low-pressure casting. High efficiency products forging close both excellent mechanical properties, but also casting a precision molding, precision and investment significantly lower than the low-pressure casting method. The disadvantage is that liquid forging forging products and traditional products, the need to complete the milling spoke styling.