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Advantages Of Polyurethane Caster Wheels In Application
Aug 23, 2016

Polyurethane caster wheels are much better than any other wheels in aspects of wear resistance, rolling resistance and tear resistance. The load capacity of polyurethane caster wheels is 6~7 times of the rubber caster wheels with same size. It can achieve continuous and automatic production process with little waste in the process of the production and use. More importantly, some of the waste material can be recycled for other polyurethane products, will not cause environmental pollution. And its manufacturing process is very simple - liquid casting, which belongs to new no cord casting wheel, thus known as the 21st century green wheels. Polyurethane wheels will be the future developing trend of the automobile tires, and have broad application prospects in auto industry.
Polyurethane wheel, it is a kind of material between general rubber and plastic.It is by far the most resistant elastomer, harmless to human body and can be completely biodegraded. Neither need to add carbon black or some other carcinogenic rubber compound, so it is the ideal material for manufacturing tire tread. The biggest characteristic of polyurethane caster wheels is that within the hardness scope it can keep high elasticity, good mechanical strength, oil resistance, ozone resistance and low temperature performance.