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Auto Parts Surface Preparation Standards Summary
Aug 08, 2016

For early vans more commercial use, but now with the diverse needs of the consumer groups, once the main commercial vans already successful transition to the home MPV, many brand new MPV models, apart from its affordable price also tend to design luxurious fashion.

Today to introduce a new Mercedes-Benz V-Class 3 Yuefen just listed, although the Mercedes-Benz Vito in Viano models an upgrade version, but its naming uses a level represented by the letter Information, especially significant high force grid.

Many people today say Viano or the V-Class still in business with the car, it is not true, many high-end home users as a nanny car, which is the most representative of those stars. Luxury fashion Fujian Benz V-Class to be more balanced in the commercial home two ways.