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Broad Application Prospects Of Solid Polyurethane Wheel
Aug 30, 2016

We can see the solid polyurethane wheel on many vehicles no matter on industrial vehicles like excavator and forklift, or agriculture vehicles like harvester, or gun bogie and wheeled combat vehicles. Solid polyurethane wheel has the advantages of good shock absorption and big loading strength performance, even the service life is several times of ordinary pneumatic tire. 

The specific advantages of solid polyurethane wheel are reflected from the following aspects:

1Solid polyurethane wheel will never burst, so there will be no maintenance or shutdown problem 

2When running on the soft road, the large grounding area of solid polyurethane will greatly improve the traction property, then have have high running efficiency 

3When running on the bumpy road, the good shock absorption performance of solid polyurethane wheel can enhance the abrasion performance of the wheel

4When doing the lifting operation, with big loading strength of solid polyurethane wheel, the operation stability will be improved 

5)The bursting reduction of tire itself will reduce the damage probability of other vehicle parts such as car axles, then reduce the tire maintenance costs. What’s more, the solid polyurethane wheel is not affected by factors such as climate, so the durability of the wheel is much better.

Because of the high price of imported raw material, only a few domestic enterprises use this kind of pouring tires while many developed foreign countries have long use, for example, the Camoplast Solideal. It is undeniable that solid polyurethane wheel with so many excellent performances, will have a broad prospect in it’s development.