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How To Prevent Summer Tires Of The Vehicle Tire Lecture
Aug 08, 2016

With summer temperatures gradually increased, the probability of spontaneous combustion vehicle tire and also significantly improved puncture the driver is the most reluctant to see things, and sometimes may cause the vehicle to lose control very serious consequences. Summer should be how to prevent vehicle tire of it? Yue-fei to tell you.

1. Do not speeding while driving, poor road conditions encountered when vehicle tires may not meet the highest standards will be a flat tire, the vehicle speed, turning radius and road design to meet the demand of friction is very dangerous.

2. Is the tire overloading the greatest impact, not only reduces the life of the tire, greatly increase the likelihood of a puncture in the summer overload.

3. Do not avoid driving long, long time driving tire tire temperature will rise, there will be the phenomenon of melting tires after 95 ℃, 80 ℃ or make soft tires, puncture rate increase. If you want to drive for a long time about 2-3 hours to let the heat in the shade of the vehicle, do not splash will crack and shorten tire life.

4. In the driving process to maintain the safe distance between vehicles, in the state not to tell braking, reduce tire damage.