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Iron Core Polyurethane Wheels
Oct 12, 2016

Product Details

Xitai Iron Core Polyurethane wheels are liquid cast and chemically bonded to machined cast iron cores. We make heavy-duty iron core wheels and rollers better and faster, and they last longer. At Xitai, we manufacture heavy duty urethane industrial wheels and rollers according to customers’ samples, drawings and requests. We also custom design virtually any type of polyurethane tyred wheels to meet our customers’ exact specifications. 

Product Application

Urethane on Iron Wheels provide outstanding abrasion resistance and are resistant to most chemicals, grease, oils and water. Our iron urethane wheels provide longer service life, better wear and tear characteristics and will rejects floor debris. All wheels can be standard crown tread that reduces the amount of friction between the tread and the floor, improving the rollability and maneuverability of the wheel.

Product Advantages

To make sure the PU and iron adhesion is strong, first we do sand blasting treatment or other proper treatment on the surface of iron tread. Then we do glue treatment 2 times using excellent quality glue. Third, we use high quality imported PU material to do the coating. We never have the problem of iron-PU separation problem.

We guarantee quality from our samples to the final finished products. Xitai can manufacture your heavy duty polyurethane iron wheels to your precise designed specifications. And we also can re-coat polyurethane on your existing iron wheel core.