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Modification Love Wheel Hub, You Read That Data Yet?
Aug 08, 2016

Many like the pursuit of personalized modified car owners will choose to upgrade their car wheels, we used to call the hub, the English called "Wheel", Chinese called "wheel", Guangdong and Hong Kong and Taiwan is known as a bell.

Wheel as the main carrier of automobile driving portion, is one of the most important safety components affect vehicle performance.

Automotive wheel upgrade most common method is to switch to aluminum alloy wheels, or the use of enlarged wheels to improve vehicle performance and appearance. Alloy wheels, compared with the previous cast-iron wheels, anti-deformation degree has been greatly improved, a significant reduction in weight, the power loss is small car, running up fast, fuel-efficient and good heat dissipation. We recommend that in the modified hub, select the original data offset deviation does not exceed 5mm product is appropriate.

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