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Motorcycle Tire Maintenance
Aug 08, 2016

Pressure is normal or not has a direct impact on the life of the tire. Tire pressure is too high, easy to form the central portion of irregular tire, and in the hot summer could easily lead to high-speed flat tire while driving. High pressure not only exacerbated the vehicle bumps affect their comfort, but also because of severe damage to other parts of the bumps. Low tire pressure, tire wear is easy to form a large area, with severe deformation of the tire, not only, but also the tire body heat, promote aging of rubber, cord causing delamination, fracture and other damage. In addition, low air pressure of the wheel rolling resistance also increases, resulting in decrease of the maximum speed of the vehicle, a corresponding increase in fuel consumption. So, check the tire pressure at regular intervals on the vehicle meets the criteria set forth in the specification is necessary. General pressure in the front wheel 200kPa, rear wheel air pressure is about 250kPa, also vary by car. There are people with many years of driving experience can handle roughly determine the tire pressure, but the best means of tire pressure meter to measure. Many of the Friends of Mount garage to inflate by the roadside, these shops are mostly self-employed, even if there is an air pump with a pressure gauge is not very accurate. The best way to prepare our own an air gauge. I spent a few dollars in the auto parts store to buy a simple and reliable tire pressure table. The table is made with a spring, not damaged, not easy to misalignment. It is cylindrical, rough insufficient 2cm, length is less than 23cm, very convenient to carry. You can put it in the lorry tools, removed at any time use. Such as adding a small high-pressure gas cylinders with a special gas nozzle even more convenient. With a pneumatic cylinder, is generally considered to be too strenuous Friends of Mount overall, it is not true, because the motorcycle's tire pressure is actually even lower than a bicycle tire pressure. With these two tools, not only easy to check the tire pressure usually bring, but also to travel to provide a guarantee.