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Motorcycle Tire Manufacturers Share The Bias Tire Construction
Aug 08, 2016

Bias ply tires are made of a multilayer bias. Because different bias tire carcass ply cotton material can be divided into tire cord, rayon tire cord, nylon tire cords, polyester tire cord and steel cord tires five. Their characteristics are as follows:

Cotton cord tires. Cotton cords of the tire carcass is the carcass of the tire as a cotton fabric made of. Cotton is the first used as a matrix material, but its original strength is low, need more carcass plies. Cotton carcass cords high heat, heat slowly, the number of renovation low, and easy to absorb water, therefore, now no longer used. But while cotton is no longer used as the carcass cords, but no matter what material as the carcass, which are based on the strength of the carcass cords of cotton as a benchmark, which has become the world's practice, but also enough to make cotton immortal a.