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Note The Use Of The Main Points Of The Wheel Factory Wheels
Aug 08, 2016

Today's level of economic development continues to improve, in the city of almost everyone's home is equipped with a car, it means that more or less have to deal with the wheel, but for some people this knowledge little is known about the wheel manufacturers have to simply more we talk about the wheel tips.

1. Check the tire, if the tire cut in the side of the tire or injury position tread depth has worn a groove (depth of less than 2 mm), the severity beyond repair, it needs new tires.

2. The tire can not change the size, you need to select their own car and with the tires.

3. Due to the tire and the hub sealing performance is very good, so use specialized equipment to separate the tire from the wheel hub; even to tire rotation, so as not to damage the hub disassembly stiff.

4. The tire completely unloaded from the hub when the tire unloaded, at the same time to check whether the wheels were injured. If broken wheel tire is mounted not only produce Mifengbuyan leak, but also a fracture dangerous.