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Talk About The Major Brand Motorcycle Tire Characteristics
Aug 08, 2016

I believe that like football like Inter Milan's friends have the impression this brand. Pirelli is Inter's main sponsor, trademarks Inter Milan jersey chest is Pirelli, even when Pirelli has just entered China, there are games also specially printed words on Pirelli China, which shows the Pirelli importance of the Chinese market. Pirelli originated in the late 19th century, is one of the oldest tire manufacturers, it belongs to sport tires, is the first sponsor of F1, it is still sponsored wrc. To be honest, the Pirelli tire is suitable for the kind of traffic wrc, super grip, very strong. Like drag racing friends, I think Pirelli is the preferred grip too powerful, and can not say Pirelli is the best, but I can responsibly say, Pirelli's grip is the best, players must drag racing, but the premise it is that you have to endure the same powerful Pirelli tire noise, tire noise amazing, indescribable feeling that Pirelli dealers do not believe that the noise emitted by the tires. Pirelli tires in the price of high-end part of the middle, now localization, sales are not ideal.