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The Hub Bearings Are Used In 5:00 And Installation Considerations
Aug 08, 2016

Positive riding bicycles, bicycle wheels inseparable. Normal driving the car is also inseparable from the wheels. Wheel is an important part of the car as a class tool. There will be a wheel hub. The need to use the hub with the wheel bearings. Let's work together to learn to understand the hub bearings are used in 5:00 and installation considerations.

1, in order to ensure maximum safety and reliability, regardless of age of the vehicle is recommended that you should always check how long wheel bearing - note bearing for wear early warning signals: include any frictional noise when rotating or hanging combination wheel turning when deceleration is not normal.

Rear-wheel drive vehicle is recommended for the vehicle to travel 38,000 km it is to deal with the front wheel hub bearing lubrication. When replacing brake system, check the bearing and replace seals.