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Polyurethane Wheel

  • Iron Core Polyurethane Wheels
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    Iron Core Polyurethane Wheels

    Xitai Iron core Polyurethane Wheels are liquid cast and chemically bonded to machined cast iron cores. We make heavy-duty iron core wheels and rollers better and faster, and they last longer. We can produce according to your drawings or samples. If you want to ask information about...
  • Aluminum Core Polyurethane Wheels
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    Aluminum Core Polyurethane Wheels

    Our Urethane on Aluminum Wheels is an exceptional wheel for continuous towline applications. It was developed specifically for automotive manufacturing assembly lines. We can manufacturer according to your designs. Please feel free to send us your drawings or ideas. We will repy less than 1 job day.
  • Solid Polyurethane Wheels
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    Solid Polyurethane Wheels

    Urethane Solid Wheels are designed primarily for applications involving high moisture. They provide extended service in moisture applications that normally destroy normal iron core urethane wheels. We can supply according to your samples or drawings. Please send your design to us to check the...
  • U Groove Polyurethane Wheels
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    U Groove Polyurethane Wheels

    Our Guide & Tracking wheels are available in any size. The applied industries include Food processing, Camera Dollies, Automatic Gate Systems, Fitness equipment, etc. We can produce according to customers' drawings or samples. Please feel free for contacting us to check the lowest product cost....
  • Polyurethane Idler Wheels
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    Polyurethane Idler Wheels

    We guarantee quality from our samples to the final finished product. Xitai can manufacture your Idler wheels to your precise designed specifications. And we also can re-coating polyurethane on your existing iron wheel core. Please feel free to contact us.
  • Polyurethane Drive Wheels
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    Polyurethane Drive Wheels

    Our drive wheels are built to be dependable and last! We can produce according to our customer’s designs. Please send us your drawings for a fast quotation. We will reply within 12 hours!!!
  • Polyurethane Bearings
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    Polyurethane Bearings

    Xitai chemically bonds polyurethane tread to a high quality ball bearing to produce one of the most versatile products in our product line. Due to high demand for this wheel, we can ship urethane covered bearings quickly. We supply according to customers design. Please feel free to contact us...
  • Polyurethane Caster Wheels
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    Polyurethane Caster Wheels

    We make heavy-duty urethane caster wheels and rollers better and faster, and they last longer. At Xitai, we manufacture urethane industrial wheels and rollers according to customers’ samples, drawings and requests.Please feel free for contacting us. We will reply within 1 job day!!!
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